A Monster in Paris

What do you do on cold afternoon in Bury St Edmunds when you've exhausted the English Heritage sites and the children are fed up with walking? We decided that the cinema would be a useful distraction for a couple of hours so we parked up and wandered in to see what was on offer: The... Continue Reading →


The Golden Compass

I know I'm a little bit late to this party but I've just watched The Golden Compass with Talitha and thought I might jot down some first impressions. The film is essentially about a little girl who can see the truth with the help of a golden compass and who sets out to rescue a... Continue Reading →

The Happening

Generally I like Mr Shyamalan's films. I am aware that some (Kermode) think he has gone off the boil but there is something about his "What if?" method of asking questions and making films that appeals to me. The film "The Happening" seems to be asking the question "What would happen if nature turned against... Continue Reading →

Despicable Me

Watching films with the children is nearly always a great treat because when they start laughing then they set everyone laughing. Last night we watched Despicable Me which has some very funny moments in it, mainly provided by the little yellow tic-tac minions, who are hilarious. The main idea in the film is the changing... Continue Reading →

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